What we've really discovered is our new calling in this COVID space. We are really purveyors of local pride and, people who buy our boxes, aren't just buying it for this functional need of feeding their families, but of course that is important. They really believe and supporting small business and making sure that their communities look the way that they look before COVID.

When Angela Shen’s parents immigrated to America, despite not speaking English, they were able to open a Chinese restaurant in Minneapolis when a member of the community co-signed a lease with them. From an early age, Angela was drawn to the ability food has in bringing together a community. This power was particularly significant when Angela moved to Seattle, Washington, where she knew no one. Inspired by Pike Place Market, Angela started her food tour business, Savor Seattle, as a way of showcasing and supporting her community by highlighting the small businesses that shape and define the Seattle food scene. In this week's episode of Start Small, Dream BIG, listen to Angela and MCAAD president Kerry Healey discuss how she found a way to continue supporting her community during COVID by pivoting to distribute food boxes, highlighting different vendors with whom she has spent the last 13 years building relationships.

“I grew up seeing hospitality through the lens of food and what that can do to people together in the community.” 

Angela Shen

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Savor Seattle Food Tours