I realized that most busy professionals struggle with eating clean - not because they don't know what to eat, but it's the time, right? Your time, your life, your health. That's kind of the mission statement as to how to DeliverLean evolved was to create a model that focused on transparency of ingredients, not diet food, just healthy food, and making it convenient for people to eat this way consistently with the variety and the transparency.

Scott Harris has built one of the largest food manufacturers in the nation, DeliverLean. The company, unlike many other businesses, has seen growth during the COVID pandemic because of his unique business model that involves safe, economical and streamlined delivery of prepared but fresh food during quarantine. Even before the pandemic resulted in an increased demand for delivery of healthy meals, DeliverLean was experiencing rapid growth after a decade of trial, error and dedication, and his story is inspirational for all budding entrepreneurs. In this week's episode, the DeliverLean co-founder and CEO and Endeavor Miami entrepreneur speaks with MCAAD president Kerry Healey about how he entered the “healthy food” industry and how he is now sharing his success by partnering with community organizations to provide free meals to those in need.

“You look at certain entrepreneurs and, most that have been wildly successful, they have failed so many times before they hit. Look at my story. … I'm in a better position than I've ever been in and it happens for me just before my 50th birthday. So, it takes time, right? 11 years of hard work. And I'm here today.”

Scott Harris

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, DeliverLean