For us, we came to Miami not knowing one single person here, launching a business in an industry and education technology that we hadn't been in before -- with a business plan in hand, a coworking space rented, and a website up. And here we are, six years later, with nearly a thousand graduates, maintaining amazing jobs support, working with over 450 hiring partners who hire from the program.

Married co-founders Juha and Johanna Mikkola lived in Finland and Canada prior to moving to Miami, Florida, to start their business, Wyncode Academy. The Endeavor Miami entrepreneurs saw the power of technology to reinvent careers and better prepare people for the jobs of the future. They launched without any direct experience and without any connections in the city. Now, their coding bootcamp graduates are joining top technology companies in the country, including Microsoft and Amazon. Listen to Juha and Johanna speak with MCAAD President, Kerry Healey, about learning as they grew their business, personal success stories, and the mentorship they’ve received along the way.

“What we're seeing over and over again with our graduates -- the fact that technology and technology careers are really the way to live out that American Dream in modern America. I think entrepreneurship is a huge part of that in technology.”

Johanna Mikkola

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Wyncode


Juha Mikkola

Co-Founder and President, Wyncode