The immigrant talent that we brought on board is just part of Miami. It's not the exception; it's the norm. And, there's a big luxury to that. There's a big drive and different perspectives, different sensitivities that, really when it comes together and if harnessed in the right way, something very powerful can resolve from that.

Seth Cassel, a fourth generation Floridian, and Anton Diego, an American of Russian-Cuban heritage, built their business, EveryMundo, in their hometown of Miami, Florida. EveryMundo is a Fare Marketing platform that works with more than 50 airlines, in 25 languages, and in 60 countries to improve online engagement with millions of passengers every day. The founders see Miami as a central component to the success of their business through the pool of talent it provides. Listen as Seth and Anton share with MCAAD President, Kerry Healey, their story of EveryMundo, their commitment to a diverse workforce, the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Miami, and their fight for survival during the pandemic.

“I think one of the good things about our company culture, about Anton and me, is we're very open minded about advice. We take it very directly. We're very quick to admit when we're wrong. I think that's really important, particularly if you're competing with the very limited resources in a massive global enterprise driven industry, you have to be flexible and have to be open minded.”

Seth Cassel

President, EveryMundo


Anton Diego

Chief Executive Officer, EveryMundo