The sky is the limit here. I really think so. If you put the work in, if you aren't afraid of giving it your all, I think there's a good potential in each and every one of us to reach goals that we set up.

After a diverse career in Sweden, Sassa Akervall, CEO of Akervall Technologies, moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan, where she founded her mouthguard business. After starting her business at the kitchen table, Sassa began distributing prototypes to her daughter’s sports team -- and promoting through the Roller Derby Girls. When purchase orders started to dry up as a result of COVID-19, Sassa, within only 10 days, pivoted to produce face shields. Listen in to hear more about Sassa’s background and her business's response to the pandemic.

“We were up and running with facial production within 10 days.  We were calling everybody back and, we were all in there cutting and stapling and packaging.”

Sassa Akervall

Chief Executive Officer, Akervall Technologies, inc.