Anything is possible as long as we can make dreams come true for other people. And, I think at the end of the day, that's the business we're in… we're making dreams come true for businesses, for enterprise, for nonprofits, for our team and, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Shezad and Hussain Manjee, two brothers moved to the United States with their family in 1990 from Karachi, Pakistan. Raised in Chicago, Shezad and Hussain grew up actively participating in their community. Despite initially diverging in their careers, while Shezad focused on photography and Hussain pursued business, their careers overlapped when Hussain saw an opportunity to grow and scale his brother’s company, DHD Films. The Manjee brothers, who are third-generation filmmakers, exercise their belief in the power of storytelling to tell stories that build powerful brands through their business. In early 2020, Dallas-based DHD Films experienced its best first quarter, but everything stopped overnight when the coronavirus paralyzed their business. The brothers had no choice but to innovate in order to survive and, as a result, developed contactless filming solutions. Listen to today’s conversation with MCAAD president Kerry Healey and Shezad and Hussain Manjee to learn more about their lives, their business, and their belief in the power of giving back.

“Entrepreneurship is, and we've learned this from mentors that we've had along the way, but it's first focusing on our team members, focusing in the people that we touch every day and investing in them -- giving them a great opportunity to create whatever it is that they aspire to create. And then, when our team members are happy, they end up investing in the success of our clients.”

Hussain Manjee

President and Chief Success Officer, DHD Films


Shezad Manjee

Founder and Creative Director, DHD Films