Kaveh Zamanian is the Founder, CEO and Whiskey Maker of Rabbit Hole, an award-winning spirits brand based in Louisville, Kentucky. After more than 22 years of clinical practice and academic appointments including a fellowship at Northwestern University Medical School, Kaveh left the world of psychology to pursue his passion for American whiskey and craft distilling. Following several years of study under bourbon’s most respected distillers, he founded Rabbit Hole in 2012. Kaveh began distilling his personal recipes of bourbon and rye whiskies in 2014 and in 2018, opened the awe-inspiring Rabbit Hole Distillery in Louisville. Under Kaveh’s leadership, Rabbit Hole produces 1.2 million proof gallons annually and showcases the entire process of crafting bourbon from grain to bottle, unlike any other distillery in the country. Rabbit Hole is one of the top 20 largest bourbon producers in the world and one of the fastest-growing bourbon brands in the country.

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MCAAD President Kerry Healey speaks with Kaveh Zamanian, CEO/Founder and Whiskey Maker of Rabbit Hole and Endeavor entrepreneur about his transition to the U.S., leaving the psychology field to become a bourbon entrepreneur, and the success and challenges along the way. "For me, the American Dream is about opportunity… and it's about the opportunity to be able to achieve things that otherwise seem impossible."