... probably the riskiest thing I ever did in my life was to go out there and start laying down whiskey, not knowing what it's going to taste like four or five years later.

Our guest, Kaveh Zamanian, took his family “down the rabbit hole” when he decided to pursue his dream of becoming a bourbon entrepreneur. Kaveh shares his story from growing up in Iran to moving to the United States, where he began his career in the psychology field, and his transition to Louisville, Kentucky, to start Rabbit Hole. Like many small businesses, Rabbit Hole has been hit hard during COVID-19. Listen in to learn how Kaveh responded to help the community he loves and, despite the challenges, his ongoing belief in the American Dream.

“We started making hand sanitizer, coordinated with FEMA to make sure that it was going to the right folks that need it the most.”

Kaveh Zamanian

Founder, CEO and Whiskey Maker, Rabbit Hole