Juha Mikkola is the President and Co-founder of Wyncode Academy an award-winning technical school dedicated to training top technology talent through best-in-class accelerated and immersive programs. Juha was selected as an Endeavor Entrepreneur in June 2015 joining a prestigious network of only the most select high impact entrepreneurs around the globe. Juha is also a member of the South Florida chapter of the Entrepreneur’s Organization, the Local Leaders Collective and the Finnish American Chamber of Commerce. Before co-founding Wyncode in 2014, Juha founded his own successful ventures in the sporting goods industry, including FloorballPro and Clutch Sports Co., both sold to Salming in 2015. He served as founder and co-chair of The Canada Cup Floorball Championship, North America’s largest floorball event, for over a decade

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Season 1

A Wynning Idea

Would you start a new business in a field you’ve never worked in, after moving to a brand new city where you know no one? That’s what Juha and Johanna Mikkola did when they started Wyncode Academy. Today on our podcast, the Endeavor Miami entrepreneurs speak to MCAAD President Kerry Healey about building their business, and the success of their graduates, their latest commitment to social justice issues, and the co-founders’ beliefs about the American Dream. “What we're seeing over and over again with our graduates -- the fact that technology and technology careers are really the way to live out that American Dream in modern America. I think entrepreneurship is a huge part of that in technology.”