Anton Diego, Founder and CEO of EveryMundo, an airline software provider that works with more than 50 airlines globally. Anton is an expert and leader in the fields of enterprise marketing automation software development, e-Commerce; web analytics; multilingual search engine marketing and search engine optimization. Anton’s previous roles include Vice President of, an affiliate deals aggregation aggregator website, and structural engineer at global engineering firm WJE. He received his BS in Structural and Civil Engineering from the University of Michigan.

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Season 1

Sky's The Limit

Seth Cassel and Anton Diego, founders of EveryMundo, share with MCAAD President, Kerry Healey, how they met, the origin of their business, and the value they see in committing to a diverse workforce in order to be successful. Located in the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Miami, Florida, Seth and Anton have fought for their survival in the airline industry during Covid-19. “I think one of the good things about our company culture, about Anton and me, is we're very open minded about advice. We take it very directly. We're very quick to admit when we're wrong. I think that's really important, particularly if you're competing with the very limited resources in a massive global enterprise driven industry, you have to be flexible and have to be open minded.”