• Team Science, with MD Anderson’s James Allison and Padmanee Sharma
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There’s an amazing collaboration of institutions across the country to bring all our knowledge together to try to do this as fast as we can.

Dubbed the ‘Cancer fighting power-couple’ by the Washington Post, James Allison and Pam Sharma have dedicated their careers to cancer treatment and research. They currently work as immunologists and oncologists at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston (Jim is executive director of the center’s Immunotherapy Platform), where they’ve had to make serious provisions to accommodate COVID-19 patients.

It’s a necessary step to limit the impact of the virus. Yet as they tell Mike, only a vaccine has the power to stop COVID-19 on a global scale. In this episode, the couple explains how the medical and scientific communities are collaborating to find this vaccine, and they reveal the role patients can play in expediting the research.


James Allison

Nobel Laureate; Regental Professor and Chair