• Stewardship, with DBS Group’s Piyush Gupta
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Most times your right or your requirement for personal privacy trumps other kinds of needs. But a pandemic is...when it becomes quite clear that sometimes the needs of the collective, the needs of society, trump the needs of the individual."

As the CEO and Director of DBS Group, a financial services firm operating in 18 countries throughout Asia, Piyush Gupta is known for anticipating and staying ahead of current trends in banking. When the pandemic hit, DBS quickly built upon the digital platform Gupta had already implemented. 

Gupta’s effective stewardship of the 52-year-old firm—formed as the nation’s development bank—echoes Singapore’s overall management of the crisis: “Even though we now have about 20,000 cases, the actual number of fatalities are only 20,” he tells Mike. “With good medical treatment and good health systems, you can actually manage the virus relatively well.”


Piyush Gupta

CEO & Director, DBS Group