• Anchored, with Admiral James Stavridis
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The US and China, particularly in 2020, are on something of a collision course....We should confront where we must, we should cooperate where we can, and we should be clear-eyed that we're in for a period of real tension.

A retired 4-star, Admiral James Stavridis has not lost his focus on the future of geopolitics and American national security. Recently, the former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO has turned his attention to how a pandemic will alter the world order and how America might navigate the crisis.

“Europe will come out of this at worst neutral [and] China will come out clearly in a stronger position,” he tells Mike. “For the United States, we need to avoid the mistake of leaning too far toward isolationism....That's going to be crucial for the United States in this 21st century.”


James Stavridis

Admiral, U.S. Navy (Ret.); former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO