I like the people. I love food, you know, I mean, but who doesn’t? Whether it's a Michelin star meal or a small meal at your home? What I love was the community -- really brilliant people, creative, interesting, driven from all different walks of life that came together.

In this week’s episode, we return to hear MCAAD president Kerry Healey speak with the founder and CEO of Rethink Food, Matthew Jozwiak, to discuss tackling the gap between the 70 billion tons of food waste every year in the US and the 42 million Americans experiencing food insecurity.

As a college student, Matthew began his career in the food industry as a restaurant dishwasher. After working in France and various Michelin-star restaurants in the United States, Matthew founded Rethink Food on the fundamental idea that access to nutritious food is an essential human right. Rethink’s mission is to create a more sustainable and equitable food system in America. Today, with the help of partners such as American Express and Goldman Sachs, Rethink has developed a seamless process of taking excess food from restaurants, hotels, corporate kitchens and grocery stores and repurposing it into nutritious meals for those in need and distributed through community-based organizations - both during times of crisis and beyond.

Matt Jozwiak

Founder and CEO, Rethink