So, my grandmother saved my father's life before they even knew each other. And that's what faith and destiny is about. That's why I believe that anything's possible in life-- that you never ever give up, miracles happen and when you have a chance to bring your humanity to the moment, you do it.

One of the greatest lessons Alan Lazowski learned from his parents, survivors of the Holocaust, was the importance of humanity and kindness and that momentary gestures of kindness can change history. Influenced by their example and story, Alan has instilled values of respect, integrity, trust, honesty and a commitment to his employees in his parking business, LAZ Parking. Under his leadership and focus on conscious capitalism, Alan's organization has spread across 35 states with 3,300 locations, all while staying rooted in these core values.

On this episode of Smart Small, Dream BIG, MCAAD president Kerry Healey discusses with Alan Lazowski, founder and CEO of LAZ Parking, the philosophy behind and approach to implementing stakeholder capitalism and, how businesses can operate ethically and be profitable.


Alan Lazowski

CEO and Founder, LAZ Parking