With more than a decade of food manufacturing and operations experience at food giants like Greyston Bakery, Ben & Jerry’s, Bien Cuit and God’s Love We Deliver, Ariel is the operations genius at Seemore. She makes sure the sausage gets made correctly, shipped correctly and put on the shelves correctly. Basically she does everything.  

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Season 2

How the Sausage is Made

Sustainability has been at the core of Seemore Meats and Veggies since Cara Nicoletti first thought about creating a sausage company and following in her family’s footsteps as a 4th generation butcher. She took what she learned from working in her grandfather’s butcher shop, and with Ariel Hauptman, who formerly worked at Greyston Bakery, built an innovative sausage company that combines excellent products with a conscious effort towards the fair treatment of employees and animals.

With a mission to make humane meat more accessible to people, Seemore produces sausages filled with vegetables making them not only a healthier alternative but also a more ethical one. Through their commitment to sustainability and ethical business practices, paired with their tongue-in-cheek advertising, Cara and Ariel have found a niche for themselves in the meat market. Tune in to this week’s episode of Start Small, Dream BIG to learn about how their family histories inform their work, the experience of being female business owners in the male-dominated butchery industry, and more.