• Child Poverty Plummets: A comprehensive new analysis shows that child poverty has fallen 59 percent since 1993. Equally as impressive is the fact that child poverty has fallen by nearly the same degree for children who are white, Black, Hispanic and Asian and in native or immigrant households. 
  • Expanding Opportunities: Apprenticeship programs for people without college diplomas are back on the rise after a brief dip during the COVID-19 pandemic with more than 241,000 people beginning new apprenticeships in 2021. Public programs through the Department of Labor and private organizations are helping recruit workers and teach them the skills needed to succeed in next-gen industries. 
  • Economic Mobility Through Policy: A new report found that nearly 60 percent of young people who came from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds were unable to find employment with a living wage by their early 30s. The report suggests three policy changes that might lead to increased social mobility: increase family planning, increase union membership and combat work-related discrimination.