We are always on the lookout for perspectives on the American Dream, examples of people and organizations furthering social and economic mobility. Below are a few publications that we found particularly engaging and thought-provoking in September 2021.

Health on Demand: Delivering the Benefits Employees Want Now

Mercer, an asset management firm, released a new report showing that “one-fifth of employees used telemedicine for the first time during the pandemic, and another 23% increased their usage.” The ability to have virtual medical appointments helps improve the accessibility and affordability of care. 

The Path Forward: The American Dream with David M. Rubenstein

David M. Rubenstein, philanthropist, historian, and co-founder of the private equity firm The Carlyle Group, released his latest book, The American Experiment, exploring how each generation defines what it means to be an American.

Women Now Make Up Almost 60% of College Students—an All-Time High 

New data from National Student Clearinghouse found that men enrolled in higher education at a lower rate than women in the 2020-21 academic year. Women made up 59.5% of college students, an all-time high, and men made up 40.5%. But, "U.S. colleges and universities had 1.5 million fewer students compared with five years ago, and men accounted for 71% of the decline."