We are always on the lookout for perspectives on the American Dream, examples of people and organizations furthering social and economic mobility. Below are a few publications that we found particularly engaging and thought-provoking in March 2022.

Global Happiness 

The World Happiness Report uncovers the average happiness score of 146 countries, with happiness defined as a series of factors including financial security, perceptions of social support, and feelings of personal freedom. The United States scored 7/10. 

Racial Inequality Persists

An article by the Los Angeles Times highlights the imperativeness of awareness and education to make real progress towards racial equality. The article suggests that "most Americans want to live in a society that is more racially equal, and so they engage in mental actions that ignore, discount or downplay contradictory evidence to maintain coherence between belief and reality."

Up and Up

An article by The Chronicle of Higher Education explores why, despite the cost of college attendance roughly doubling in the last 30 years after accounting for inflation, enrollment numbers continue to rise