We are always on the lookout for perspectives on the American Dream, examples of people and organizations furthering social and economic mobility. Below are a few publications that we found particularly engaging and thought-provoking in December 2021. 

Is Democracy in Trouble? 

A recently released Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics poll explores the opinions of young Americans, aged 18- to 29-years-old, on democracy in the United States. The results show that the majority of the people surveyed, 57%, believe that democracy in the country is either in trouble or failing compared to the only 7% who see the U.S. as a “healthy democracy.”

Priorities for a Better Life

JUST Capital's 2021 Issues Report: The People’s Priorities suggests that access to a job that “pays a fair, living wage” is the most important issue for workers. When looking across demographic lines, the survey found consistency in how people thought about the most important issues regarding employment, with nearly all people prioritizing the same top three: Pays a Fair, Living Wage; Creates Jobs in the U.S.; and Prioritizes Accountability to all Stakeholders.

Improving Mobility

A McKinsey report explores the barriers preventing Latinos from fully participating in the U.S. economy. Although the report states that economic and social mobility are improving over the generations, there are still existing disparities between Latinos and their White counterparts.