The American Dream Academy (TADA) is a tuition-free, six-month online program that will equip 200,000 underemployed Americans with the technical and workplace skills, credentials, and confidence to unlock social and economic opportunities and pursue their American dreams.

TADA is a collaboration between the Milken Center for Advancing the American Dream and Coursera for an initial three-year program to provide skills training and career mobility opportunities.

Our mission is to lead the way in equipping the American workforce with the right skills and tools for the evolving world of work and to help underrepresented communities and the 50 percent of young Americans without college education access opportunities, improve their career paths and increase their earning potential.

The certifications will support workers on the cusp of a higher wage and better job prospects unlock new job opportunities and corporate America can take advantage of this skilled and diverse talent pool. TADA is designed to be inclusive of learners from all backgrounds providing flexibility with course completion time and free access to the certificate programs.

TADA will prepare learners for high-demand, entry-level digital jobs and equip them with critical workplace skills. Learners will have access to:

  • 8 program pathways, allowing learners and/or employers to choose the path that best suits their interests and achieve their goals
  • 6 workplace skills courses and a suite of career success electives
  • Entry-level Professional Certificates from industry leaders, such as Google, Meta, IBM, Intuit and other large companies, which train workers without a degree or technology experience for well-paying digital jobs with career mobility potential
  • Transferable college credit: Certificates from Google and IBM have ACE® Credit Recommendation, which means learners who complete these certificates are eligible to receive up to 12 college credits from participating colleges and universities in the US, or the equivalent of four college courses at the associate’s degree level
  • Employer Talent Consortiums for participating certificate programs that allows completed program graduates access to job opportunities and professional development services*


We are partnering with companies, civic organizations, mayors’ offices and nonprofits who share our belief in the rights of any hardworking person, whatever their background and education, to achieve their own ambitions, supported by the education and training that makes this possible.                               

We are working with partners to provide meaningful support at all stages of our learners’ journey. This includes working with us to distribute these free programs to those who need them; helping with the curriculum and support services, helping with job placements and internships and working with us to make The American Dream Academy sustainable for future generations through financial support. The partners include:

  • Google
  • Meta
  • National Black Chamber of Commerce
  • EY
  • WGU
  • UNT
  • SV Academy
  • IBM

The American Dream Academy is supported by partners who offer a variety of resources and support services for learners participating in the program. For more information about TADA’s partnerships or to join our initiative as an organization partner, contact 

Please visit to learn more about our program.