Leslie Miley is the former CTO of The Obama Foundation, a technical advisor to the CTO of Microsoft, a self-taught engineer, and an advocate/activist for all races, non-binary/trans folks, women and men. Born in Silicon Valley, Leslie started his 'career' hacking cable set-top boxes and phone systems as a teenager, hanging out at the Radio Shack learning the BASIC programming language, and then working as a security guard at Apple where he picked up programming tricks from Apple engineers working late into the night. Leslie worked his way from an entry-level engineering role to leadership roles at Google, Slack, Walmart, Microsoft, Twitter, and Apple. He has been featured as a thought leader on Wired's Next List, a contributor to USA Today, HuffPost, CNN, Fast Company, and TechCrunch. His writings and experiences in tech are cited in dozens of published research articles and he is frequently sought out as a technology pundit by Fast Company, TechCrunch, Associated Press, and The Guardian.