• Immigrant Spirit, with ABH’s Anastasia Soare
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I think my immigrant spirit of adapting kicked in and I said, look guys, we need to do something. We cannot sit here and do nothing because the stores are closed. Let's start a plan of attack, let's start going online....This is what we did within 10 days...and we grew 154 percent online.

Anastasia Soare is living proof that one can achieve the American Dream by building a better eyebrow. After emigrating from Romania in 1989 with limited cash and English skills—but with a solid education in art—she applied da Vinci’s golden ratio to the sculpting of women’s brows. With clients such as the Kardashians and Oprah Winfrey, the plucky founder and CEO of Anastasia Beverly Hills was able to build a beauty empire that today sells more than 480 products in 3,000 stores and has more than 20 million followers on social media.

“I love my clients. I love to teach women. I love to show them how they could enhance their beauty,” Anastasia Soare tells Mike on the podcast. “We are home, and this is what we have to do. I think this is the new norm, and it's not going to go away very soon. We have to go out and wear a mask. Our eyebrows need to be perfect! So the next year, this is what is going to be.”

Anastasia Soare

Founder and CEO, Anastasia Beverly Hills