One thing that is super important in marketing is making sure that, once you have a value proposition, you activate that image in every consumer touchpoint. If you think about packaging, the messaging, the product, the website, the brochures, everything has to talk to that specific segment with that specific value proposition.

Throughout his years in the corporate world, Carlos Ramirez helped numerous organizations rethink their marketing strategy to engage new clients and reinvigorate their brands. Always looking for a new marketing challenge, Carlos found one in the yogurt aisle of the grocery store, where he noticed the lack of products marketed towards fitness enthusiasts. Determined to create the Under Armour of yogurt, Carlos launched a high protein yogurt branded with dark colors as the first product of his new organization, Powerful Foods. Today, Powerful Foods sells a full product lineup in nearly 10,000 grocery and specialty stores in the United States and across the world.

This week, listen to a new episode of Start Small, Dream BIG to learn about Carlos’s journey from Venezuela to the United States, his early entrepreneurial endeavors and the support he has found from Endeavor Miami and their network of entrepreneurs.


Carlos Ramirez

Founder and CEO, Powerful Foods