• Culture, with Mastercard’s Ajay Banga
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Culture doesn’t just come because you wave a magic wand. It comes through hard work; it comes through sharing; it comes through cross‐fertilization of people and ideas....The culture we built, we don't want to lose that during this process. Coming out of it, there will be an even bigger opportunity for our company.

Since becoming CEO of Mastercard in 2010, Ajay Banga has seen his company’s annual revenues more than triple, from $5 billion to $17 billion. The company is also doing well by doing good: their Mastercard Foundation has provided scholarships, entrepreneurial grants, and a commitment to create 30 million jobs in Africa in the coming decade. It’s all part of what the Indian-born Banga calls a “decency quotient.”

“If you bring a human decency to work, which means you basically make people feel that your hand is on their back and not in their face, you will be fair and transparent and you will provide guidance. You will lead with that thinking; you'll bring your heart and your mind to work. Then you are a winning company. You will win, but you will win with decency.”


Ajay Banga

Chief Executive Officer, Mastercard