• Diplomacy, with Ambassador Kelly Craft
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Obviously, we wish it was earlier if China had been more forthcoming and transparent. But I think the important part is that we cannot allow any pandemic or any economic situation currently to cloud our moral responsibility for issues that are already on the ground.”

Whether she’s voting in the Security Council or leading the personnel at the U.S. Mission to the U.N. (USUN), Ambassador Kelly Craft is keenly aware of the national values she represents. For her, it’s a matter of humility—as when she played an integral role in renegotiating the NAFTA framework with our neighbors to the north and south.

“It was a matter of respect for each person's economy,” she tells Mike. “And when you respect each person's economy, Mexico and Canada, and the US, you know that everybody can work together because it is about a supply chain, and you're only as strong as your weakest link. So, it was really important that this trilateral deal was very strong unilaterally for each country.”


Kelly Craft

US Ambassador to the United Nations