• Outcomes, with Helmsley Charitable Trust's David Panzirer
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The whole premise that where you live dictates your access to specialty care, dictates your outcomes, dictates your access to tools to manage your disease. That's absurd in this day and age....We have to seize this opportunity to level the playing field and really begin to truly give equal care no matter where you live.

When David Panzirer was named a Trustee of the Helmsley Charitable Trust thirteen years ago, he knew little about being a philanthropist. Today, he helps to direct that fund’s $6 billion dollars toward initiatives that create greater healthcare access—both in rural America and sub-Saharan Africa—while ensuring better long-term outcomes. He is especially passionate about improving the lives of those with type 1 diabetes, a disease that hits very close to home.

“There is no shortcut for diligence,” he tells Mike. “I started out and I wanted a cure for my daughter like anybody else in my position. As a society, we have never cured an autoimmune chronic disease....We've taken some things and we've turned them into managed diseases. But my point is, it's not easy. If it were easy, we'd be done.”


David Panzirer

Trustee, Helmsley Charitable Trust