• Like Family, with Wynn Resorts’ Matt Maddox
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In Macau, we put together a plan that when we would reopen, it would be one of the safest places people could go. Everything from thermal cameras to...PPE. Every customer's given a mask....UV technology in public bathrooms. Electro‐mist spray throughout the facility. And lots of training for our people.

For Matt Maddox, CEO of Wynn Resorts, the safety and security of employees and customers is paramount. And thanks to the company’s global operations, he was able to learn what works in China and apply it to an accelerated reopening schedule in the United States.

Culture is king at Wynn, and throughout the pandemic Maddox kept his US employees on the payroll: “To tell 15,000 hourly workers...you need to stay home and you've been furloughed, I felt was the wrong thing to do. And the wrong thing for our shareholders....We've created a culture where people feel like it is family.”


Matt Maddox

CEO, Wynn Resorts