I think [values] lead to the culture, and the culture comes from the people that you hire. And so, bringing your values to your work is making sure that the folks you hire hear the values that you have… From our perspective, trust is everything.

While growing up without running water and using an outhouse in rural Kentucky, Kyle Green learned the importance of sustainability from an early age. This focus on reuse and recycling has followed Kyle into adulthood and informed the focus of his company, HANDLE Global, which works to buy and sell excess medical inventory (think PPE, gloves, and medical equipment) for healthcare systems around the country.

Traditionally, the medical industry sees high amounts of waste because of the disjointed supply chain and lack of communication between hospitals around the country about their needs and inventories. HANDLE cuts down on this waste by connecting those with excess equipment, to those who need that it via its desktop and mobile applications. Not only does HANDLE Global focus on supply-chain sustainability, but it also aligns its values and goals with its employees, maintaining a focus on the values of trust, professionalism and building relationships of trust with their customers.

Tune in to this week’s episode of Start Small, Dream BIG to hear MCAAD President Kerry Healey and Kyle Green discuss his childhood, his experiences in the United States and abroad, and his desire to make a big impact in communities across the nation by redefining the medical supply chain to make it more patient-centric.


Kyle Green

Founder and CEO, HANDLE Global