• Physician Heal Thyself, with Allogene’s Arie Belldegrun
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On day eight, I had a...low grade temperature of 100.7 and then muscle ache and fatigue. That night...I requested to be tested and had a positive testing for COVID-19.

Following a conference in Boston, Arie Belldegrun—oncologist, businessman, biopharmaceutical leader—contracted COVID-19, as did his wife. However, while he suffered the widely-reported symptoms, she did not.

Their contrasting experiences are typical of a virus we know so little about. On his call with Mike, Arie highlights the unique effects a new virus can have on any given individual’s immune system, as well as how we can apply our learnings from cancer and other clinical research to fighting the pandemic.


Arie Belldegrun

Chairman and Co-Founder