Propelled to a sense of responsibility at the age of 6 by the sudden death of his father, C. Anthony Parker stumbled into entrepreneurship at a young age. From paper routes, to setting up a landscaping business on foot, to opening four car dealerships by the age of 23, C. Anthony was constantly evolving his business enterprises. And he did it all without graduating high school, getting financial support from banks, or using credit. Now, 21 years after founding his first dealership, C. Anthony has learned a lot, he has great credit, and he knows how to build strong and resilient businesses.

On this episode of Start Small, Dream BIG we hear from C. Anthony Parker about his journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur, how he educated himself outside of the conventional school system, and how his desire for financial stability increased his tenacity and resilience in the face of challenges and failures in business, leading him to his latest successful company, Elk Auto Spa.