• About the Center

    The Milken Center for Advancing the American Dream supports and is supported by people who believe anyone with a dream and the drive to achieve it should have the opportunity to make it come true – through good health, good education, and an economic system that works for all.

Our mission

To advance economic and social mobility in America and around the world.

What we do

Helping you invest in yourself

At the Center, we tell the dynamic and inspirational stories of the American Dream and work to secure access to opportunity for future generations through advancing conversation around our four core pillars: education and the educator, public health and medical research, access to capital and financial empowerment, and entrepreneurship and innovation. 

The Visitor Center

Inspiring visitors about the American Dream through immersive, interactive exhibits.

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Competitions, Contests, and Quizzes

Taking place online and in-person, focused on identifying and solving obstacles to the American Dream.

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Digital Programming

Watch, Read, Listen

Impact Programs

The Center intends to launch an “American Dream Fellows Program,” accelerating promising next generation American scholars, leaders and problem solvers. Check back here for more details and sign up below if you want to receive emails about the Center and the Fellows program.

Thought Leadership

Stories and tools to inspire and empower our visitors to seek and realize their own dreams. Check back often for new educational toolkits, videos of extraordinary ordinary people, and much more.

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Our core values



Real progress is possible, even on the toughest issues. And let’s face it, the American Dream has its challenges, especially today. But any problem can be solved by inspired, informed and committed people working together.


Action Focus

We’re dedicated to making a difference, not adding to the noise. We support honest, fact-based exploration that leads to practical solutions.  Let’s address the realities people face —the opportunities and the challenges of today’s world.



Inclusivity is fundamental to everything we do. The American Dream should be for everyone—no matter your background or life experience.

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