• About the Center

    The Milken Center for Advancing the American Dream supports and is supported by people who believe anyone with a dream and the drive to achieve it should have the opportunity to make it come true – through good health, good education, and an economic system that works for all.

Our mission

To make the American Dream an attainable reality for millions of people around the world, by expanding access to education, health, and economic freedom, and by empowering an entrepreneurial mindset that takes full advantage of opportunity.

Our core values



Real progress is possible, even on the toughest issues. And let’s face it, the American Dream has its challenges, especially today. But any problem can be solved by inspired, informed and committed people working together.


Action Focus

We’re dedicated to making a difference, not adding to the noise. We support honest, fact-based exploration that leads to practical solutions.  Let’s address the realities people face —the opportunities and the challenges of today’s world.



Inclusivity is fundamental to everything we do. The American Dream should be for everyone—no matter your background or life experience.