I, Too, Am the Dream Contest

The submission period for the 2020 I, Too, Am the Dream Contest is now closed.  

We received 735 entries for the 2020 I, Too, Am the Dream Contest from 45 states and the District of Columbia and in every format considered. More information below.

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The competitions will extend to a range of U.S. and global participants, from school children to budding entrepreneurs, as well as specific groups such as veterans or artists. Depending on the target participants, curricula and content will be designed to develop knowledge and skills, or to generate and showcase a diversity of solutions to existing or future global challenges. The competitions may be framed around a particular focus area, such as job creation or paying for college, or developing general knowledge, such as financial acumen, entrepreneurship, or health education. The consistent theme will be to engage people around the world in developing the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve their Dreams.


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