The Conscious-Tution 

Thomas Jefferson called it the Constitution
All my brethren aint fond of this dishonest use of vision
Impromptu decisions, led to
Unconscious institution
Institutionalized oppression, and everyone plays a victim
Red white and blue obsession
That ain't bad, but see to some
They see red blood on the body of a man from a white cop dressed in blue
And they automatically think of the American flag
We scared of our own utopia though a utopia is something we  never had
So we relapse
After we relax in these bleak facts
Of quick death from slow change
mediums foresee more death
As the cabinet watches from the window pane.
They knew it but they didn’t say something until it was recorded
Thanks to Verizon
This is my anorexic poem
I'm starving from the lack of taste that is
Me surviving
I’ll exercise this freedom of speech until I die and reach the horizon!

James Madison called it “The Constitution”
We the people do all the pollution
Watching the smoke rise as folks die
In these towns of hate crimes
Affirming belated change, with our hearts in metaphorical chains 
Diverting away from the truth evident in our pain
The truth prevalent in our American shame
The American dream has only been seen by a few
While those with darker hues or different views see a noose
So we now choose
To rewrite the institution
Here is our rough draft, we call it the conscious-tution



We the black, white, stripes, asian, hispanic, 
Elderly and youth
Straight, LGBTQ
Boy, girl
Wish to pursue
A country made of everyone's views, In order to form a more perfect union
Free of any type of bigotry
To ensure the blessings of everyone’s liberty


All lives matter
So when you wave our flag
Wave it in the names of our black friends, and sing justice
When black lives splatter.
Wave our flag
In the name of our women mistreated
Abused, underappreciated
And bruised.
Wave our flag
In the names of the fallen soldiers
Who died risking their lives
Unbeknownst to the struggles weighing heavy on the american shoulder
Heavier than rocks in Colorado
Boulder. .
Wave our flag
In the names of citizens worthy of american prosperity
Endowed the right to happiness and freedom’s clarity


The executive power is in the president
But the most prevalent power is in the citizens
The regulated power is in our systems
We shall not systematically victimize the politicians
When we suffer from their jurisdiction
Bottom line: divide the power
But don't subtract, we aren’t in classes of mathematical practices 
Don't subtract lives either, that used to be the power of racism in systematic, before the activists
But not any more!
We are tired of seeing death from not being on our best behavior
We uprise against these so-called saviors
And it's not like shays rebellion
Or slaving and selling men
I'm just proposing that we stand up for our rights
And never sit in a living hell again

The bottom line: we the people
We the blessings, we the amazing and the eagle
We the the truth
We the reason
We the solution
pieces of music like beanie sigel
We cancel culture oppression because we don't wanna see a sequel
Of people stuck in depression because they can't be all they was meant to be 
This happened for hundreds of years, centuries
I don't have all the answers, just a teenager clueless
I'm just proposing a new document:
The conscious-tuition.

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