We the People of Generation Z

We the people
Some of the people, that is.

Because all men are created equal, they say
But what if I told you they aren’t treated that way.

In America
That’s where the free man lives
Where opportunity is

In America
That’s where the grass grows green
And ​
can achieve their dream

At least, that’s how it was supposed to be.
But as Langston Hughes once said
“America was never America to me”.
And Martin Luther King, Jr.
He had a dream

A dream that when they said “all men”
They meant it.
A dream blind to
Color and

A dream where women can lead
A dream that we had led them to believe

But who says that can’t be?
And who says that can’t start with me?
Me and an army of Generation Z
WE the people
Know what happens when representation lacks
And the big man imposes a tax

And the government begins to crack

This generation has lived through terrorist attacks
The killings of unarmed blacks
Hard working immigrants stopped in their tracks

And all for what?
Now​ is the time to act.

It is time
Time that we finally realize
Has no place in Congress
Because after all
Fear will ultimately be the reason for our downfall
And instead of dividing ourselves with a wall
How about we figure out how to uninstall

And instead resolve conflicts
By granting the promises made in 1776.

We have yet to live in a world
Where all men are truly free
And ​
can enjoy
Happiness and
The way it was supposed to be.

But between you and me,
I believe in Generation Z

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