WGBH Greater Boston: Is The "American Dream" Broken?

WGBH News: Greater Boston, September 19, 2019

Vicki Kennedy and Cindy McCain on Public Service

Cindy McCain and Vicki Kennedy talked about their late husbands' (Senators John McCain and Ted Kennedy) careers and legacies, in a conversation about public service at the Harvard Kennedy School Institute of Politics. Former Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey (R) moderated the discussion. Moderated by Kerry Healey

Kerry Healey: Living and advancing the American Dream for others

The American Dream and the freedom it represents resonates so deeply with Americans. None more so than Kerry Healey who has not only lived the American Dream, but has devoted her life to reducing barriers to enable others to achieve it.

Is the American dream dead, deferred, or just different?

“The American Dream once meant having more money than your parents, or owning a house, or owning a car, or going to college. It might mean something very different today,” she said. Healey cites another study conducted by American Enterprise Institute earlier this year showing how the American Dream is evolving and how people value above all the “freedom of choice in how to live one’s life” more than owning a home, having a successful career, or even becoming wealthy.


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