As we celebrate this country’s 244th birthday, we want to know what the American Dream means to YOU, wherever you are. How do you define the American Dream- for yourself, for your family, your community, or your country? How will you know when you are living the American Dream?

The Milken Center for Advancing the American Dream works to make the American Dream an attainable reality for people everywhere. America’s most recognizable qualities—our urge to innovate, think creatively, and challenge the status quo, are present today more than ever before, and we know that the American Dream looks different for everyone.

Using Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, share your answers to these questions using photos, poems, and creative definitions of the American Dream. Use the hashtag #MyAmericanDream and tag @advancethedream for a chance to have your submission published on our website and social media, and displayed in our Washington DC Visitor Center opening in 2023.

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