We are always on the lookout for perspectives on the American Dream, examples of people and organizations furthering social and economic mobility. Below are a few publications that we found particularly engaging and thought-provoking in May 2021.

"Moving up: Promoting Workers’ Upward Mobility Using Network Analysis"

The Brookings Institute published a new report, “Moving up: Promoting workers’ economic mobility using network analysis,” to help policymakers and firms use their resources to promote mobility for all Americans. The report uses research and analysis in 15 different occupations to offer a new approach to understanding mobility and the critical role institutions and individuals have in promoting opportunity.

Social Mobility During a Pandemic 

The Chronicle of Higher Education and UNC Greensboro partnered to release Social Mobility During a Pandemic, an in-depth report on best practices, lessons learned, and insights to navigate the future of student success. The report's six articles and opinion pieces also highlight how colleges are serving low-income students, a group disproportionately affected by the pandemic. 

Workforce Realigned: How New Partnerships Are Advancing Economic Mobility

Tracy Palandjian, a member of our Advisory Council, leads Social Finance, the non-profit dedicated to mobilizing capital to drive social progress. Social Finance, in partnership with the Federal Reserve Banks of Atlanta and Philadelphia, recently announced the launch of a new book titled, Workforce Realigned: How New Partnerships Are Advancing Economic Mobility. The book shares 19 case studies and new ideas about how to reboot economic mobility in America. Additionally, Social Finance has launched the Workforce Realigned series that includes a podcast and action groups to bring these ideas to life and shift funding toward positive workforce outcomes.