We are always on the lookout for perspectives on the American Dream, examples of people and organizations furthering social and economic mobility. Below are a few publications that we found particularly engaging and thought-provoking in February 2022.

Work Benefits 

A new Gallup study asked more than 13,000 US employees what the most important factor was when deciding whether to accept a new job. The study found that pay and wellbeing-related issues have climbed up to the top two most important factors with a "significant increase in income or benefits," which 64% cited as very important, taking first place. 

Home Owners

A Forbes article released this month highlights the ongoing opportunities and challenges for Black homeownership. The new study conducted by Realtor.com and Redfin found, "Black Americans face significantly more obstacles when it comes to realizing the American dream of homeownership, from mortgage denials to low property appraisals and much more.      

The Opioid Pandemic 

The New York Times provided new data on the drug crisis in the United States, noting that drug overdoses now kill more than 100,000 Americans a year, double the number of deaths since 2015. The article looks at the inaccessibility to a robust treatment system for users and how the United States might have gotten to this stark moment.