In America, we don't look to the government alone to develop the solutions. We look to the creativity and ingenuity and vitality of the private sector, whether it's corporations or philanthropic organizations for many of those solutions.

In normal times, Brent McIntosh’s charge at the Treasury Department is to advance America’s economic interests abroad. Today, that mission includes extending a helping hand: McIntosh was instrumental in getting the G7, the G20, the World Bank, and the IMF to relax debt service payments from struggling nations so they could focus on caring for their citizens.

McIntosh has also been focused on solutions closer to home: “It's a very difficult challenge to make sure those supply chains can function, but they are part because we've put in place many efforts to keep cargo flights moving, to...keep the ports open, and to treat the workers in those supply chains as essential.”


Brent J. McIntosh

Under Secretary for International Affairs, U.S. Department of the Treasury