To achieve the American Dream, you need to understand your own role in maintaining your health. Public health systems also need to be functional, affordable and accessible.  

Our online content, educational programming and competitions explore the many links between your health, public health, and overcoming health challenges to reach your life goals.



Universal access to high-quality and relevant education may be the most fundamental element of keeping the American Dream alive for millions across the world.  Whether the question is access to affordable college, in-demand skills training, or safe and effective elementary schools, everyone deserves the chance to learn, grow and ultimately succeed. 

One prerequisite to accessible education is the availability of talented, dedicated, and inspirational educators. In conjunction with the Milken Family Foundation and the Milken Educator Awards, the Center tells the story of great teachers, and works with researchers and policymakers to tackle the tough questions around education.


Economic Freedom

For many people, the “American Dream” does not mean enormous wealth—but, for almost all people, it does mean economic stability.  Stability means that you know where the rent payment is coming from, that you have money saved for an emergency, and, ultimately, that your family is safe and protected from economic want.

Our online and in-person Visitor Center will tell the story of the contributions of the American financial system to the great social, cultural and technological advances of the 20th century, while also addressing the challenges of capitalism. And through our online educational programming, quizzes and competitions, we promote financial literacy and empowerment. Our goal is to promote accessible and inclusive free market economies where everyone succeeds.


Entrepreneurial Mindset

You need look no further than the phone in your hand to see how entrepreneurial minds have changed the world.  But if you did look further, you would see beyond technological innovation to the effect of innovative minds in every human pursuit.  Entrepreneurial researchers have developed cancer cures. Food engineers have tackled food insecurity and nutrition inequity by inventing plant-based meat substitutes.  Teachers have created methods for effective teaching in any setting.  Entrepreneurship is a critical component of success, however you define it and in whatever field you work.

The Center hopes to inspire and support aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators in every community and every profession, helping them to acquire the skills and tools they need to succeed.